Do you love Mint and would like to join and inspire your followers to also be part in this so needed Reuse Revolution?

Mint is about sustainability, affordability and health

Our products are sustainable because they are reusable for many years and they allow you to ditch single-use period products for good - bye waste; Mint is affordable because we decided to drop our margins so more people can have access to better period products without costing them an arm and a leg - together we can make a bigger impact; and in addition to that, Mint is about health, because our period & incontinence products are natural and non-toxic alternatives to tampon and pads - better for our menstrual cycle, body and mind. 

We are a NZ business that is this in this space. We launched in July 2021 and are super excited and grateful for all the support and feedback so far.

Help us to put Mint out there. 

1. Are you passionate about Mint?

2. Do you feel confident with Facebook, Instagram - stories/ reels and/or TikTok?

3. Are you passionate about inspiring people to make positive changes?


We would love to hear from you. 


Please send us an e-mail to with your social media details and a little bit about you and we will respond ASAP. 


More people the better, for a bigger 'Reuse Revolution', for a better planet!

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